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If you’re like me, snack ideas don’t automatically come to you in the form of healthy recipes filled with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins when snack time creeps up on you.  It probably looks more like chips and queso, those leftover donuts in the break room at work, or even that delicious fall themed cupcake you brought home from your friend’s house the other day.  Oh, and you get a double whammy this time of year when there are so many wonderful goodies to bake for the family haunting your Pinterest feed!  kasoapple


Here are a few tips to help you through snack time and maybe even survive the holidays without sabotaging your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Plan, Prepare, and Pack!  This will be your best weapon again cravings and poor food choices.  Make a list of healthy meals and snacks for the week or just a few days for starters, then go buy only the things on that list.  Now that you have your meals and snacks all planned out, have them readily available for when snack time rolls around.
  2. Eat Small Meals.  Never go more than 3 or 4 hours without eating.  You should be eating 3 meals a day with a snack in the morning and a snack in the afternoon.  Men usually also need a snack before bed as well as some females who are on a more intense, regular workout schedule.
  3. Include Protein.  Have a complex carbohydrate and a protein with every meal and every snack.  Protein helps the carbs do their job effectively giving your body energy while the protein makes sure you don’t burn through that energy too fast and crash later.
  4. Keep a List.  If you have a hard time thinking of snack ideas that include a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats, keep a go to list available.  You can keep it on paper and stick it on the fridge, store ideas on a Pinterest board, or keep a journal.  Here are some great ideas that I have found in various places.  Be sure to watch serving sizes!
    1. Apple slices with almond butter
    2. Cottage cheese with blueberries
    3. Raw veggies with hummus
    4. Nonfat plain greek yogurt with a little honey and granola
    5. Rotisserie chicken breast (no skin) with tomatoes and baby carrots
    6. Whole grain toast with avocado and sliced boiled egg
    7. Beef Jerky – Be sure to buy beef jerky made with No Preservatives, No Nitrites/Nitrates, No MSG, like Krave Beef Jerky.  If you’d rather make your own, try this recipe!
    8. Cure your chocolate craving with an Advocare Snack Bar or Advocare Meal Bar.
    9. Keep an emergency Advocare Pro20 with you.

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Check back often for the latest information on Advocare products and health, wellness, and fitness tips!  We look forward to encouraging you day to day as you get out there and happen to life.  No more letting obstacles determine the degree of your achievements or health or happiness!


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